Winnipeg officially has one less radio station, after the CRTC on Thursday pulled the licence of a former campus instructional station.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announced Thursday that it has revoked the licence of CJWV-FM Winnipeg, also known as FLAVA 107.9 FM.

The station launched in the fall of 2004, and played mostly hip-hop and R&B music. It has been off the air since October 2007.

The station operated under a "campus instructional" licence, which meant its primary objective was to train professional broadcasters. The licence required it to meet certain terms, including airing music that is not generally heard on commercial stations, in-depth spoken word and educational programming.

The station and its owner, Harmony Broadcasting Corporation, were called before the CRTC in September 2006 to explain why it had not complied with certain terms of its licence.

After a hearing, the CRTC imposed six mandatory orders as conditions for keeping the licence. 

However, the station failed to comply with those orders, the commission said Thursday. The station was not providing logs of its programming, did not play enough Canadian and special interest music, news or formal educational programming.

It also was not associated with a post-secondary educational institution, and no students were involved with the station in 2006-2007, the CRTC said.