A Winnipeg woman is asking for the public’s help finding the driver of a truck that ran her off the road.

On March 20, Stacey Napoleone was driving down Logan Avenue when a large truck drove up close to her car.

“I noticed him right in the corner, and I was so scared,” said Napoleone.

She was driving westbound towards Salter Street around 9:20 a.m. when the driver edged even closer, forcing her right off the road.

“I couldn’t believe this happened to me. It was surreal,” she said.

The large white truck swiped the side of her car, slicing off her mirror and pushing her car up onto the boulevard. Napoleone’s Honda Civic narrowly missed crashing into a chainlink fence.

“My instincts were good enough to save my life. It could have been much worse, especially with a vehicle that big, considering how small my car is,” she said. “It’s scary.”

A nearby surveillance camera caught the entire crash on tape, and Napoleone said she hopes someone else saw what happened.

“Maybe they went ahead and got his license place for me. We’re hoping, just hoping, social media will help,” she said.

Napoleone has uploaded the video onto YouTube and is waiting for tips to come in. In the meantime, she’s been stuck paying her $200 deductible for the crash.