More details are emerging about a man charged with pretending to be a doctor.

Leslie Colmer was arrested last week for allegedly treating at least 20 patients across Manitoba without a medical license.

Court documents show it’s not the first time Colmer has been in hot water.

Colmer’s chiropractic license was stripped in 2002 after two patients went to the Manitoba Chiropractors Association in 1999.

One of the women saw Colmer for chiropractic treatment in 1996.

In a letter to the association, the woman wrote Colmber initiated sex with her.

She wrote, “He was having sexual intercourse with me twice a week, at least, in the office … while other patients waited in the waiting room over the course of three years.”

The woman alleged Colmer persuaded her to loan him money for things like plane tickets and bills.

She said she wrote several cheques for amounts as high as $20,000, but the money was not repaid.

The woman alleged Colmer received nearly $100,000 from her.

A second patient also contacted the association, writing, “Dr. Colmer has had sex with me in the office while patients were waiting.”

She alleged those incidents took place over the course of 14 years, during which she gave him $97,000.

“Dr. Colmer has two hand guns in his office … on a daily basis,” she wrote.

In 1999, the same woman said Colmer assaulted her.

Colmer also wrote a letter to the association, flatly denying the allegations.

"I absolutely and totally deny having sexual relationships with her," Colmer wrote. "The patient became aware of some financial difficulties and offered to assist. I initially refused but later accepted her assistance. On several occasions I attempted to make repayments but she refused."

He also wrote, "I do not own any firearms and therefore, have had no firearms in my possession."

The association suspended him indefinitely, and both patients settled out of court.

Now, Colmer is in custody on new allegations, including 20 charges of fraud after allegedly posing as a medical doctor.

Those charges have not been proven in court.