A Winnipeg couple is dealing with a sewer line that backed up in their basement after their frozen water pipes were thawed.

Ryan Black and Allison Reid have had to rip out the carpet in the basement after it was soaked by the sewer backup last week.

"The water came up straight through the drain," Black told CBC News on Tuesday.

"We ripped all the carpet up and the 'under mat' and stuff, we had to rip all that stuff out."

Black and Reid had been without water from Jan. 31 until Feb. 28, when crews thawed the pipes outside their house.

Ryan Black's ruined Christmas tree

Ryan Black's $300 Christmas tree was among the casualties in a sewer line backup that flooded the basement of his Winnipeg home last week. (Katie Nicholson/CBC)

They were told by the city to keep one water tap running at full force, but Reid said that advice did not sit well with her.

"We called the insurance company [and asked], 'Is that OK?' And they advised against it, but we had to have water," she said.

The basement flooded when the water encountered a tree root on the city's side of the property line, according to Black.

"If this wasn't running, I'm confident that we wouldn't have experienced the problem," he said.

"The moment that they shut the water off, the water flow stopped. It wasn't creeping across the floor anymore."

Reid and Black are now stuck with Roto-Rooter and cleanup bills. They are filing a claim with the City of Winnipeg.

"I just assumed that the city would be there for the people who are paying their taxes and are homeowners and … trying to live a good life," said Reid.

"I'm really disappointed in the service that we've gotten from the city."