Couple desperate to get back dog stolen during break-in

A Manitoba couple is desperate to get their dog back after it was stolen during a break-in.
Rick Ducharme and Sonia Chaves (cuddling the couple's other dog) are offering a $2,500 reward for the return of Boo. (CBC)
Boo, a miniature poodle Lhasa Apso cross has been missing since a break-in at her owners' home in Grosse Isle on Dec. 12. (Sonia Chaves and Rick Ducharme)
A Manitoba couple is desperate to get their dog back after it was stolen during a break-in.

Sonia Chaves and Rick Ducharme, who work in Winnipeg but live in Grosse Isle, just northwest of the city, returned home last Thursday and found their home trashed.

Some alcohol, jewelry and electronics were gone but so was Boo, an eight-year-old miniature poodle–Lhasa Apso cross.

She's just not a dog she's a member of our family," Ducharme said of the seven pound, black lapdog.

Sonia Chaves fights back tears while looking at a photograph of Boo. (CBC)
 "There's a piece missing [from our family]," added Chaves.

Boo is one of the couple's two dogs, the friendlier of the two, and the one who probably greeted the thieves. Chaves has no doubt she was taken, saying Boo would never have run away.

"If she ran, somebody would have found her," Chaves said.

"These dogs have never seen a night outside. They've been unconditionally loved right from day one," Ducharme added.

The couple is offering a $2,500 reward to get Boo back.

"We would love for her to be dropped off somewhere safe, no questions asked," said Chaves. "We don't care who took her. We don't care who broke in.

"We just want the dog back. That's it."


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