An unidentified woman is escorted out of Winnipeg's MTS Centre after she and a man were caught having sex in the stands during a recent Motley Crue concert. ((YouTube))

Two amorous Motley Crue fans will not face a police investigation after they were filmed having sex in a crowded section of Winnipeg's MTS Centre during the band's concert last Friday.

The two concertgoers — an unidentified man and woman — were seated in the upper deck of the downtown arena, surrounded by rowdy fans who witnessed them engaged in lewd sexual acts for several minutes.

A cellphone video of the incident — filmed from just a few feet away by an onlooker —  was posted on YouTube and has been the subject of intense debate in Winnipeg since its existence became widely reported on Wednesday.

'I expect the individuals who viewed the matter chose not to treat it as a crime but treat it as an indiscretion.' —Law professor David Deutscher

The couple was escorted out of the arena by security staff who were called to handle the situation, said MTS Centre spokesman Scott Brown.

Brown described the couple's conduct as possibly the most blatant act of inappropriate behaviour ever seen at an event hosted by the arena.

"It's an unfortunate incident," Brown said. "I think the people engaged in the activity … probably regret their actions."

Police not called

Brown, however, stands behind a decision by security staff to not call in police.


The couple left peacefully and police were not called, said MTS Centre spokesman Scott Brown. ((CBC))

"These individuals co-operated. So we were able to escort them out quietly. If there had been a little bit more of an escalation of an incident, then in that case, there may have been some police involvement," he said.

"Was there an issue with the larger public in the area? And according to what the reports said, from what our security staff said, and backed up by the video, there wasn't."

Brown added that if police choose to open an investigation, or if anyone at the concert wants to formally complain, the MTS Centre will co-operate.

So far, no complaints have been made, Brown said.

Not calling police was simply MTS Centre security and patrons exercising some discretion, said University of Manitoba law professor David Deutscher.

"And in the context of a rock concert, I expect the individuals who viewed the matter chose not to treat it as a crime but treat it as an indiscretion — even though it might be technically a crime," he said.

A Winnipeg police spokesperson confirmed on Thursday that no investigation is underway, and that no one has stepped forward to formally complain about what happened at the concert.