What started as a simple statement in a traffic report on CBC's Information Radio, has now turned into a country song.

Traffic reporter Trevor Dineen noted that the ride into work one day was nothing but "blue skies and barricades." Guest host Agatha Moir suggested that sounded like a country hit, so Information Radio solicited the audience's help to write the lyrics for the tune.

It seems CBC Radio listeners know how to channel their inner Johnny Cash as a floodgate of hurtin', a touch of twang, and a heap of country sentiments rushed in via Facebook (CBC Manitoba Information Radio), email, and voice mail.

Winnipeg singer-songwriter Sol James, known as the Aretha Franklin of country music, was called in to take the lyrics, turn them into a song, and set it to music.

Blue Skies and Barricades made its world premiere this morning on Information Radio 893. FM and 990 AM.