A Winnipeg city councillor wants to see the city’s parking plan for snow clearing changed.

St. Vital Coun. Brian Mayes said the Know Your Zone system isn’t working for Winnipeggers.

He said the city promised to have zones plowed within 12 hours, but that’s not happening often enough.

As a result he said he’s getting a flood of complaints from residents.

"People saying, ‘I moved my car, then I moved it back, and it was two days later they finally came and the plow was terrible because all these cars were there,’" said Mayes.

He said the zones should be bigger and more time should be given to plow them.

"I think we need to take a look at sort of what's our batting average — how well are we doing getting out there in the 12 hours," said Mayes.

"If we can't deliver on that promise then let's make a more realistic promise of say 24 hours."

St. Vital resident Peter Letkeman’s backlane wasn’t plowed after Monday’s snowfall, so he’s taken up the task of clearing the area for his wife and five neighbours.

"I like doing it for them. Some don’t have a blower and some can’t do it," said Letkeman.

He said the city’s snow clearing hasn’t been consistent enough in his area.

"I was impressed until about three weeks ago or so when the ridges got very high and very hard. It was very hard on the front of the car," he said.

"Then they came and cleaned it all nicely right to the pavement. I was impressed."

But if Letkeman and his neighbours hope to see plows pass through again, they will be disappointed.

The city says it has no plans to clear residential streets after the latest snowfall.

Mayes plans to call for a review of the Know Your Zone system before the next infrastructure and public works meeting in April.