Winnipeg city hall is mulling over the question of whether heavy industry should be allowed to set up near homes, following a massive fire at a St. Boniface fuel plant early this month.

St. Boniface Coun. Dan Vandal introduced a motion on Wednesday that asks the city to look at whether it would be appropriate to put heavy industrial areas — zoned as M3 — so close to residential streets.

"Does it not make more sense to put the M3 industries further back in St. Boniface, or somewhere else?" Vandal said.

The move comes in light of the Oct. 1 blaze at Speedway International's biodiesel production plant, which produced massive explosions and forced nearby residents to leave their homes temporarily.

Stephanie Smith, whose family had to flee during the fire, said she had no idea that a company was producing a biodiesel near her home.

"The explosion that happened, you could feel the heat from right here … so it was pretty scary," Smith said.

"As it got bigger, then they were like, 'Yeah, you should get out and pack all your baby's stuff, because this house might not be here when you get back.'"

Speedway International says it plans to rebuild at the site of the fire, but without biodiesel production capabilities.

Vandal's motion was referred to committee for further study.