Winnipeg Coun. Paula Havixbeck vowed Tuesday to make city hall more transparent if elected mayor.

The Tuxedo-Charleswood councillor and mayoral candidate pledged to have more council meetings and to get rid of the executive committee system.

“Clients who come to the city for help will have one person to deal with, one person who will connect the internal city services, such as water and waste, public works, the planning department,” said Havixbeck.

Havixbeck said she'll publish the names of people who give money to her campaign a week before election day and not after.

She also said she won't accept donations from anyone who was named in recent audits on city projects.

"I think there is a perception that they've had an unfair advantage at city hall and I want to dispel any perception that they would be offered any unfair advantage."

Havixbeck also promised to reinstate performance appraisals for city staff and to create a case management system for people or businesses coming to city hall with complex issues.