Manitoba Hydro believes a leak of "top secret" information could put energy sales at risk.

The news came from the provincial Tories who revealed a copy of a leaked letter at the Manitoba legislature on Tuesday.

The letter was from Manitoba Hydro to a First Nation, asking for the return of documents that contained sensitive information.

Hydro spokesperson Glenn Schneider said the documents have predictions of export prices and could put northern dam projects at risk.

"I would say that there is some risk of having that information out there. How great the risk is, we don’t know at this point," he said. "It certainly could jeopardize the sales on which is the basis for going forward with Keeyask and Conawapa, which are $16 billion in terms of potential spending."

Hydro officials have since recovered the documents, but they aren’t sure if someone made copies.

Hydro doesn’t plan on cancelling any dam projects.

Late Tuesday afternoon the province responded. The minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro, Dave Chomiak, said the information could be useful to Hydro’s competitors, but he doesn’t believe the leak puts Manitoba’s export deals at risk.