Cabin owners in Manitoba provincial parks won't have to pay higher fees on their cottages until at least 2021.

On Friday, the province announced a two-year extension to a 2016 freeze on fees for park land leases and for cottage services in parks.

The extension means fees won't go up in 2019 or 2020. The previous freeze had been set to expire this coming July.

The service fees cover things like garbage disposal, road maintenance, and waste and wastewater, the province said in a news release. 

The province will keep consulting with cottagers and associations to get input on future changes, the release states.

"We believe cottagers are prepared to pay a fair price for the services they receive and for the value of using provincial park land for their vacation retreats," said Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires in the written release.

Daniel Klass of the Manitoba Provincial Parks Cabin Owners Association was also quoted in the release, calling the extension a "positive indication of faith on the minister's part."

Service fees in Manitoba are usually calculated every year according to the cost of delivering the services compared to the previous year.

Lease fees are based on a percentage of assessed land values.