Cooler than usual temperatures in southern Manitoba could be bad for business, especially among farmers and those who run seasonal businesses.

Winnipeg's daytime high temperatures have been below seasonal for 20 consecutive days, and the cool spell is temporarily taking the "fun" out of Fun Mountain Waterslide Park.

"Today's just a little bit too cold," owner Tanya Hall said in explaining why the park had to close on Thursday.

"The wind is cold. When we're getting below the 20 C mark, it just is not a good mix for us."

The mercury briefly peaked at 20 C late Thursday afternoon but otherwise stayed several degrees below that mark, according to Environment Canada.

The below-seasonal temperatures have also forced Hall to reduce the park's hours.

Some vegetable farmers say the cool weather is slowing the ripening of some vegetables.

"Tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins... they're not as advanced," said Jeanne Berard, an organic vegetable farmer.

"If we don't have any warm weather within a couple weeks, maybe we'll be short on pumpkins."

Late start to growing season

Lori Ann Grenier, whose family owns Blue Lagoon Organics in St. Francois Xavier, Man., says the weather affects the size and taste of almost every vegetable.

"We had a late start in the spring because it was cold at night, so we didn't plant our seedlings out too early. Then it was dry all the time," she said.

"Our crops are generally slow this year and they're just kicking in right now, but the nights are so cold."

Grenier said she hopes the first fall frost, which usually comes in the beginning of September, does not come early.

Bee gone

The temperatures are even affecting some of nature's smallest workers: honey bees.

Beekeeper and owner of Giguere Honey Farm, Ray Giguere, said honey production is affected by the weather.

Temperatures need to be 23 C or warmer for bees to produce honey.

"They're not foraging as much because it's not warm for them, and the nectar's not as easily flowing," he said.

But there may be hope ahead: CBC meteorologist John Sauder is forecasting daytime temperatures of 25 C and above next week.