A fundraiser Thursday night for Osborne House, the women's shelter caught up in a controversy over criticism from a cabinet minister, raised $3,000.

But Eric Robinson's comments are still ringing in the organizers ears.

Last week, he called the organizers who last fall put on a burlesque-themed fundraiser "do-good white people" in an email.

He has since apologized.

But at Thursday night's fundraiser, people were still talking about it.

Monique Andrew helped organize the event last fall.

"Everyone involved was loving and supportive and classy and wanted nothing but the best for Osborne House," she said. "Something like this, coming out of that, is just mind-blowing to me," she added, pointing to the turn out Thursday night. "The timing of this couldn't be any better."

The event was to raise funds to end violence against women.

Nigerian dancer Faderera Osinane said violence affects everyone.

"Any culture, any religion, any kind of background that we have, we need to support each other as a human race and as human beings," she said. "It's just in our nature to support."