Controversial teen stoplight singles dance hits speed bump

Promoters are looking for another venue for a teen dance after the Greendell Park Community Centre pulled the plug on the event.

Winnipeg singles dance for teens age 16 and up without venue hours before scheduled time

A teen dance scheduled for Greendell Park Community Centre may be cancelled after the venue cancelled it at the last minute. 1:30

A teen dance scheduled for Greendell Park Community Centre may be cancelled after the venue cancelled it at the last minute.

AIO Entertainment had planned a stoplight dance for teens age 16 and up at the centre for Friday night.

Teens were to wear green bracelets if they were single and available, yellow bracelets if they were potentially available, or red bracelets if they weren't available at all.
AIO Entertainment published this advertisment for a traffic light party for teens.

But at least one parent who contacted CBC said she was upset with the sexual nature of the event that was geared towards teens.

She did not want to appear on camera to protect the identity of her daughter.

Dakota Collegiate student William Realini planned to attend the event. He said he didn’t see a problem with the theme.

“Since it’s ages 16 and up, it’s a safe party. It’s like going to the club without all the distractions and alcohol and drugs,” he said.

About 500 people had confirmed their attendance on Facebook to the event, but the community centre cancelled it when they said there were discrepancies with the contract to use it.

According to officials with the community centre, the venue was booked for a birthday party for just three people. When they found out a large social was being held, they nixed the event.

The promoters, AIO Entertainment, did not want to comment on the event but did say the event was meant to keep kids off the street on a Friday night and they would be looking for a new venue last minute.