Contest: The full story of CBC Manitoba's 'the Unmeltable Heart'

CBC Manitoba needs you, the audience, to help write the greatest love story to ever take place in Manitoba.

The final version of CBC Manitoba's fan-written romance novel, 'The Unmeltable Heart'

The Unmeltable Heart, a romance novel written by you. (CBC Manitoba)

It's not your typical love story. This one is a good old-fashioned Harlequin-worthy romance written by you, the audience. 

Over eight love-filled days the listeners of 89.3FM, 990AM took our characters, Kate and Terry, through a web of love, lies and lycanthropy. 

The story is called "The Unmeltable Heart". Here's the full version. 

Happy Valentine's day. 

Chapter 1 - by Kirsten Fritsch

She could not believe she was making the long and lonely drive to Flin Flon. After she had moved to Winnipeg for the dream job and the dream guy, she promised herself she would never return to that dark, cold and ugly city ever again. Yet here she was, broken-hearted and on her way to, hopefully, heal in her hometown.

Kate was making the familiar drive up the hill to her parent's house, contemplating that regardless of how things stay, they really stay the same. The old dejected houses, the graffiti on the rocks and the sound of snowmobiles across the ice of Ross Lake made it seem as though she never left.

She was in the middle of her dream when suddenly her car was unable to maneuver the icy road and ended its spin in the snow bank. The slick ice made it impossible for her to get moving again. Just as she gave up hope, help arrived in the form of a handsome dark haired man in a pick up truck...

Chapter 2 - by Anjali Sandhu

"Got yourself stuck, eh?" asked the stranger as he jumped out of his truck.

He smiled, extending his hand, "I'm Terrence, I just moved here from the States."

"You did not just move here from the states," Kate informed him as she shook his hand.

"What makes you say that?" asked Terrence, who was leaning casually against the truck. 

Kate mocked his earlier question, "'Got yourself stuck, eh?' The fact that one of the first words you said to me was 'eh' means that you're clearly Canadian." 

"You caught me," he smiled sheepishly, his cool-guy front beginning to melt. "I'm actually from here originally. I moved to Minnesota when I was a teenager though." 

"When you were a teenager?" Kate inspected him carefully. He couldn't have been more than a year or two older than her. "That means we must have gone to school together. Wait, Terrence…as in Terry? Terry Marshall?!" 

Chapter 3 - by Hugh Johnson

He grinned.

"Guilty as charged," he confessed. "Matter of fact, I remember you too, Kate. But ... well, you know ..."

Kate froze. She did remember, but what she recalled gave her a queasy feeling in the gut.

People change, she admonished herself. You ought to know, Kate. Give the guy a break, right?

"Yes," Kate replied, forcing a smile that she didn't feel. "You asked me out that time ... just before ... 

"Before a werewolf bit me," said Terry calmly. "You can say it, Kate. I don't mind. That's why I moved to Minnesota. Had to get away from all those nasty types hunting me." He looked up at the cold black sky. "Looks like a full moon tonight, don't it?"

Kate shivered. Felt the hairs on her neck prickle.

"Lucky me," she gulped.

Chapter 4 - by Rachel Siwack 

Kate's husky took that moment to start whining in the back seat of the car. She had totally forgotten about him and instantly leapt to let him out, relieved to have something to do.

She started rambling, like she always does when she's nervous. "That's my dog. He probably needs to relieve himself. I got him in grade 12 so he's quite old now…."

The dog, now free, began circling Terry, sniffing at him intensely. Then the normally friendly dog started growling, a deep, low growl at the back of its throat.

Before Kate had time to react, Terry cocked his head and looked the dog square in the eyes. The dog let out a little whimper and lay down in complete submission.

Kate was stunned into silence for a moment and then she began to call the dog: "Terry! Terry! Terry come!"

The dog ignored her completely, like in a trance.

Terry the man turned his intense gaze to her and said, "Terry? You named your dog 'Terry'? You got him in grade 12 you say…that would be right after I left. Is it a coincidence that your dog is named Terry, Kate?"

He took a slow step toward her, an easy smile spreading across his face. Kate felt like she was in the same trance her dog appeared to remain caught in.

Chapter 5 - by Siobhan Maas

"Aaoooo!" Terry suddenly threw back his head and howled.

Kate stared at him in disbelief, her heart beating rapidly.

Terry winked. She gulped.

"What was that for?"

"I'm calling my minions." He smiled, his teeth seeming to sparkle in the fading light.

"Um." She broke out in a sweat and moved to open the door of her car.

"Come on. Did you really believe all that talk? I'll call Alvin at the Tire Shop and he'll pick up your car in the morning. It's getting dark. Let's get going. We'll grab dinner at Burkee's and catch up."

Terrence whistled to Terry, who obediently jumped into the bed of the pickup. Kate reluctantly popped the trunk for her bags, and pulled her cell from her pocket. She watched the screen fade to black as it powered down. She'd forgotten to charge it on the drive up. Typical.

Terry was her only way out of this mess.

Chapter 6 - by Trevor Dineen 

Kate and Terry were silent as they drove away from her abandoned vehicle.

To ease the awkwardness, Kate reached toward the radio. "Hope you don't mind..."

She turned it on, like he used to turn her on years ago, and the familiar sounds of Up To Speed slid through the speakers.

"You listen to 89.3fm?" Kate said, with a surprised smile on her face.  

"990 on the AM dial actually. I love Izmay-la Alfa"

 Kate let out a quick giggle. "It's Ismaila. And he's so dreamy"

Terry interjected. "You're dreamy Kate." Kate was caught off guard and flattered.

"I would like to kiss you Kate".

"I would like to kiss you, too, but i need to warn you, I will never be able to fall in love with you"

Terry was surprised."Why? Because I'm a werewolf?"

Kate's smile faded as she retreated her gaze and looked far off into the distance.

"No. Because my heart is frozen. Some would even say...unmeltable."

Terry didn't even blink. "You have an unmeltable heart?"   

"Yes,"said Kate, "a completely unmeltable heart."

Terry pulled the truck over, undid his seat belt, which he always wore because it's sexy to be safe, and leaned toward Kate.

"Maybe if we heat things up, we can make that magical muscle melt."

Kate smiled It was worth a shot.  She leaned in for a kiss as Ismaila sexily said over the radio, "The 5:15"

Chapter 7 - by Liz Woloski

Night was falling as his lips pressed gently against hers. For a moment she forgot the past, forgot what she was running away from and relaxed in the pleasure of Terry's kiss. Maybe her heart wasn't frozen after all. How could a frozen heart beat so fast? His lips were soft and gentle, he smelled of fresh winter air. As their embrace deepened she raised her hand to touch his face. Suddenly she felt warm fur, pushed back and screamed.

Terry pulled back alarmed as Terry the dog reached through the back window and licked Kate's face. Somehow the husky had managed to slide the window open.

"Oh you bad dog" Terry laughed and gave the dog a stroke on his head. 

Kate smiled. "He's a very smart dog, my protector."

She liked Terry's kindhearted laugh and the way he petted her dog. She felt her heart begin to warm.

Chapter 8 - by Gabe Kraljevic

She lay her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes and let the warmth work its way through her body.  But the cold coming through the window began to permeate through her and…pain. 

Her head hurt, really hurt and she opened her eyes.  "Wha-…, where…Terry?!"

"Your dog's ok, Kate.  Take it easy…we'll get you out right away."

Her vision cleared and she realized she was in the arms of…not Terry.  There were letters embroidered on his jacket. "Hathout."  Her head swam and one word came to mind...


"Yeah, Kate…it's me.  Got yourself stuck, eh?  Take it easy…we have an ambulance coming.  You've got a nasty bump."

She looked up into the face of a handsome RCMP officer, "Magnus?" She repeated

Her head instantly cleared. All the heady memories of their summer together, before he went off to become a Mountie.  The painful regret at how she had ended it. He said he would come back for her but she couldn't bear the separation…

She raised her hand to touch his face.  He beamed at her and...her heart melted.