Winnipeg cyclists will soon have a buffered bike lane on Pembina Highway.

Construction on the new separated lane running northbound between Crescent and Plaza Drive in Winnipeg began Monday.

Geoff Heath used to cycle on Pembina every day on his way to university. He calls this stretch of road a death trap for cyclists and insists that fixing this one section is not enough. 

 "While this separated lane is like a great improvement, the lack of connectivity is, I think, quite an issue; something that ideally will be addressed sooner rather than later," Heath said.  "Maybe this is just a piecemeal solution."

Heath added that the worst spots on Pembina that need to be fixed are through Jubilee Underpass into Osborne Village.

"It’s not a bad start," Heath said. "I’d love to see Jubilee Underpass addressed, and going over Bishop Grandin… and cloverleaf there can also be a bit messy."