People with NHL and CFL season tickets will get first dibs on Paul McCartney tickets and some people anxious to see the show aren’t impressed.

True North Sports and Entertainment offers Winnipeg’s NHL and CFL season-ticket holders pre-sale tickets to events at the MTS Centre and the Investors Group Field.

That means they’ll get access to tickets to Paul McCartney’s August show before the general public gets a chance to buy tickets on Monday.

Winnipeg Micheline Girardin doesn’t think it’s fair.

"We’ve heard time and time again recently with the big concerts we have in Winnipeg what a hard time people are having getting tickets," said Girardin.

"This is just another obstacle."

Kevin Donnelly is the general manager of the MTS Centre and the pre-sale is a way of returning the support of season-ticket holders that keep big venues going.

"They are supporters of the team. They’re the supporters of both buildings, so it’s an opportunity for us to support those that help us," said Donnelly.

"Without the sports teams in either building, you wouldn’t have the operation we have that’s able to attract these shows."

He added the practice isn’t uncommon among entertainment companies.

"This is standard practice that’s been employed, and it’s really just a method of getting the word out that tickets are available," said Donnelly.