A Winnipeg woman is raising concerns about an online auto-selling service, after she paid $400 only to see no results after six weeks.

EnterpriseAutoGroup.com promises to connect people who want to sell their vehicles with prospective buyers, as long as the sellers put up a $500 deposit that would be refunded once the vehicle is sold.

A search of the site shows it has hundreds of listings across Canada, including more than a dozen in Manitoba.


Irene Hamel says she and her husband have yet to hear from any prospective buyers since they paid Enterprise Auto Group their $500 deposit about six weeks ago. (CBC)

Irene Hamel says her husband paid the deposit with the promise that the company would sell their Ford Explorer quickly.

Six weeks later, Hamel said the vehicle has yet to be sold, despite assurances from a company specialist.

"She had an answer for everything. She was actually very good at what she did," Hamel said.

"She was very slick. I mean, I can talk fast, too, but she talked faster."

Hamel said she was able to cancel the last $100 payment after already spending $400.

CBC News has spoken to several other Manitobans who paid Enterprise Auto Group to sell their vehicles, and all said they have yet to hear back from the company or from any buyers.

"After six weeks, if they were a company who cared about their reputation, they would at least contact prospective sellers and say, 'You know, we're looking for people.' But you hear nothing," Hamel said.

Financial institution posts warning

Hamel said she questioned the company about how it earns its money, and she was told it works with buyers who have poor credit.


Enterprise Auto Group's website promises to help connect people who want to sell their vehicles with buyers. (CBC)

She said the company also claimed it is affiliated with several financial institutions in Canada and the United States.

However, the institutions that are named on Enterprise Auto Group's website told CBC News they have never heard of the service.

One of those institutions, Auto Credit Express, has even posted a warning on its website to say it is not associated with EnterpriseAutoGroup.com.

"In fact, we have been unable to identify who the owners of this website are, which leads us to believe it is a scam," states the notice from Auto Credit Express.

Enterprise Auto Group claims to be a member of the Better Business Bureau.

But when CBC News called the phone number for Enterprise Auto Group that is listed with the bureau, a New York-based company with the same name said it has nothing to do with the website.

The New York-based company has also issued a warning to its customers.