A Winnipeg-based auto-selling website is the subject of complaints from customers who claim to have been promised buyers for their used vehicles, only to get no response.

At least two dozen customers of NetFindAutos.com told CBC News they paid the company hundreds of dollars after being told that buyers have been lined up for vehicles they were listing for sale online.

But all of those customers said they have not received any calls from buyers as a result of the website's services.

Keith Relf, who runs Extreme Performance Exhaust in Winnipeg, said he received a call at work from a NetFindAutos.com representative, inquiring about a specialized racing snowmobile he had listed for sale.

"He said … 'That's exactly what I'm looking for, and I've got two people that are very interested in purchasing it from you,'" Relf recalled.

Relf said he paid NetFindAutos.com about $300, with the understanding that he would be connected with buyers.

However, he said he has not received any calls from buyers, and he has not been contacted by the company representative since then.

"You don't promise somebody something and then go right back on your word," Relf said.


Keith Relf says he paid NetFindAutos.com about $300, with the understanding that he would be connected with buyers, but no one has called him. (CBC)

"Financially [it] hurts a lot of people, and it's not the way to do business. And that's the way he was doing business, obviously, because [I] never spoke with him again since."

Trevor Davidson of Winnipeg said he tried selling his Jeep through the website.

"People were supposed to be lined up to buy my vehicle, and not even one call. A bunch of nonsense," Davidson said.

Some customers also claim that they were offered a money-back guarantee, but they didn't get that either.

NetFindAutos.com is registered to a person named Tanya Burgoyne in Winnipeg.

A spokesperson told CBC News that the company is resolving each complaint, but it denies promising anyone a buyer.

The website has stopped offering a money-back guarantee, the spokesperson added.