The Law Society of Manitoba says it is looking into a formal complaint it has received about a Crown attorney in the province.

Manitoba Justice confirmed that Sean Brennan had worked for its prosecution services until June 17.

But officials declined to give details, saying they would not comment on personnel matters.

Allan Fineblit, chief executive officer of the Manitoba Law Society, said he cannot disclose the allegations against Brennan until a decision is made on whether formal charges should be laid.

"If we were to determine that it's a matter where we want to lay charges of professional misconduct, then it becomes a totally open process…. The public can attend, the media can attend," Fineblit told CBC News on Thursday.

Fineblit said the society will look at the complaint before determining if a full investigation is required.

"We have pretty strong and broad investigative powers, so our authority to obtain whatever we need is pretty good," he said.

"So my view is this will not be a complicated investigation. It will be a relatively simple one."

A spokesperson for the Manitoba Association of Crown Attorneys says it has filed a grievance with the provincial government, on Brennan's behalf, regarding his employment status.