Brown water jar

A Winnipeg resident holds up a jar of discoloured water. People in the city have been dealing with brown water since the summer of 2012. (CBC)

Winnipeg city council has approved a motion to compensate people whose laundry was damaged by brown water.

Every earlier claim that  had been filed... had been rejected by the city.

"Brown water reimbursement motion more rubber stamp denials!" Coun. Dan Vandal posted on Twitter.

Since mid-August, the City of Winnipeg's 311 phone service has received 6,857 calls from residents regarding brown water.

The city has also received 83 brown-water related claims, including 57 for damaged laundry. Others included requests for reimbursement for things like bottled water purchases.

None of the claims were awarded because of the city charter, which states the water has to be undrinkable before the city will pay out any claims for damage to laundry.

Tests have approved the water as potable but officials aren't sure yet what's causing it to be brown.

Some councillors argued the city should change the charter in fairness to the people they represent.

Last week, Vandal at a meeting of the executive policy committee, asked the city's claims department to do "all things necessary to reimburse legitimate laundry damage."

The request went to administration for a report, which then went to council for its vote on Wednesday.