Winnipeg was treated to another brilliant sunset Wednesday.

Winnipeg sunset

Sunset photo taken from Brenda Leipsic Park, near Hurst Way and Parker Avenue Wednesday. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)

CBC meteorologist John Sauder said the unusually colourful sunset was a product of hazy weather caused by forest fires in the north.

"There has been a lot of dust particles in smoke from fires in Northwest Territories and that has created the red sunsets of late," he said.

Winds have blown smoke from fires currently raging on in the N.W.T. into southern Manitoba Wednesday.

"When the Sun is low on the horizon, its light travels through much more of the atmosphere before it reaches us," he explained. "Particles in the atmosphere like dust or water vapour filter out some of the light in the light spectrum but the last light to be filtered out is at the red end of the spectrum."​