That whole warm weekend that seemed to usher in our long lost spring? Yeah, apparently it was a false alarm.

Old Man Winter is just not letting go. Temperatures in Manitoba are dropping again this week and a late spring storm will bring rain that will turn into snow.

The Winnipeg area will see some light snow but areas further north will see much more. In fact, there is a snowfall warning in effect for Dauphin, Ste. Rose, Swan River and the northern Interlake region around Hecla and Berens River.

Between 10 and 15 centimeters is likely to fall in those areas by Tuesday night.

A strong wind means there will also be blowing snow, making it tough for anyone driving in those areas tomorrow.

Temperatures in Winnipeg will dip to highs of just –2 C and –3 C on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, with lows around –9 C.

Normal temperatures for this time of year are a daytime high of 16 C and an overnight low of 2 C.

Temperatures will slowly climb back up to 2 C on Thursday before hitting 17 C on Saturday and 20 C on Sunday, according to Environment Canada.