Right in the middle of cold and flu season, Winnipeg pharmacies say cold medications are still in short supply.

Some of the most popular cough syrups, including NeoCitran or Buckley's, are sold out and have been for months. The manufacturer, Novartis is upgrading its plant in Nebraska.

The shortage extends across Canada.

Glen Rawluk, a pharmacist at Meyers Drugs, says it's a real inconvenience for some people.

"There's been a lot of demand for like Buckley's, especially. You know, people really like that brand so it's been hard," he said.

"There's capsules available but not the cough syrups. It's just the syrups that are short."

He is telling customers to use lemon tea as a replacement for NeoCitran.

Novartis has not said when its Nebraska plant will be operational.