Clara Hughes, who is cycling all over Canada to promote awareness of mental health, paid a visit to her former high school in Winnipeg on Monday.

Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes speaks to students at her old school, Elmwood High School in Winnipeg, about her experience of cycling all over Canada to promote awareness of mental health. (Lyzaville Sale/CBC)

The multi-medal-winning Olympian is nearing the end of her 110-day national bicycle tour through every province and territory to raise awareness and acceptance of mental health.

Clara’s Big Ride concludes in Ottawa on Canada Day, July 1.

During her stops along the tour, Hughes discusses her own struggles with depression to encourage others to "keep putting one foot in front of the other" and fight through the darkness. She also hopes the open discussion will help shatter the stigma involved with mental health issues.

Hughes is one of only a few athletes to have competed in both the Summer and Winter Olympic games but is the only person ever to have won multiple medals in both, for speed skating and cycling.

She is tied with fellow Winnipegger Cindy Klassen as the Canadian with the most Olympic medals. Both have six.