The City of Winnipeg has decided to change its policy after a Winnipeg man went public over a water bill dispute.

Todd Kerr was furious when he found out the city wouldn't compensate him for running his taps after he went 17 days without water due to frozen pipes.

City of Winnipeg officials have said Winnipeggers who are at risk of frozen pipes should run their water to avoid freezing, promising to compensate at-risk homes.

Todd Kerr spent 17 days waiting for his pipes to be thawed by city crews, but they eventually thawed on their own.

Kerr immediately called 311.

“[I called to tell them] my water was running again, and they could take me off the list,” said Kerr. “[I asked] if I should keep my tap flowing like other people that have been thawed out to prevent further freezing and they said, ‘Yeah, but we’re not going to compensate it.’”

Kerr said he was furious with city officials. “You know, I was dumbfounded,” said Kerr.

There are currently more than 6,000 people who have been told to run their water to avoid frozen pipes.

On Tuesday morning, the city amended its policy to include compensation for people who have already had frozen pipes.