City of Winnipeg workers will no longer be forced into taking unpaid days off.

The city announced Tuesday it had suspended a plan that would have imposed a mandatory 3.5 days of unpaid vacation on its workers in December.

The deal was presented as a way to save about $1.5-million in the 2014 budget.

Mike Davidson is the president of CUPE Local 500, the union that represents 5,000 city workers.

Davidson said forcing the unpaid leave would have been bad public policy and bad management.

"Can you imagine if we had a winter again, like next year, and you had everybody sent home just because it's a holiday? You know pipes keep breaking, snow removal has to happen. We need all of our work force up and ready."

Councillor Russ Wyatt spoke out against the bill, saying it would compromise the quality and delivery of city services.

In March, CUPE Local 500, the union representing city workers, registered a complaint against the proposed bill. The city rejected the grievance and the union sought legal counsel.

Davidson said he was relieved the city reconsidered its position.

“We are pleased that we will no longer have to pursue legal avenues to challenge the furlough,” Davidson stated in a release. “Citizens shouldn’t have to fight against the city for the services they deserve.”