The City of Winnipeg has an $11.2-million deficit and is blaming all the white stuff from last winter for the red ink.

Winnipeggers dug out from the largest amount of snow in 15 years but the city is still working on getting itself out from under the weight of its snow-clearing costs.

Snow, however, wasn't the only problem.

The fire paramedic service is over budget by $3 million due primarily to salaries, overtime and lower than anticipated ambulance revenue.

And the police service is over budget partly because of lower than anticipated revenue from traditional traffic enforcement, according to the city, which released an administrative report on Monday.

The city said it's not uncommon for there to be a deficit in the first and second quarters and believe it could be eliminated by the end of the year.

City administrators are looking into ways to 'manage expenditure control', such as emergency services overtime costs, without impacting public safety.

The report will be considered by the Standing Policy Committee on Finance at a meeting on Friday.