The City of Winnipeg has a new way for residents to access city services.


The City of Winnipeg launched their 311 app on Tuesday.

The city launched a 311 app on Tuesday that allows Winnipeggers to send in requests for service or information without having to talk to an operator.

The app works on iOS or Android devices and allows users to send service requests to 311, add photos relating to the request and check on the status of their request. City information on how to get your dog licensed or plan a ride on Winnipeg Transit is also available on the app.

People can use the app to report potholes, sidewalks in need of repair, graffiti, dead animal removal, transit shelter issues, snow removal and sanding requests.

The city has taken over 8 million calls about over 200,000 emails since the 311 program started in 2009. City officials said they plan to continue updating the app for residents as the service evolves.

The city already had apps for the public libraries in Winnipeg and garbage pickup.