The City of Winnipeg has firm offers on three properties that were part of a controversial land swap deal.

The original deal was negotiated by former Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Chief Reid Douglas with property developer Shindico and would have seen the city swap three properties for one parcel of land on Taylor Avenue.

The city built a fire station on the Taylor land, but the deal fell through after it was revealed that not all proper procedures were followed. All three properties were offered for sale in August 2013.

The Taylor land is still owned by Shindico, and city administrators are recommending the land be expropriated.

The three properties include a surplus fire hall on 200 Berry St., a piece of empty land along the Red River located on 409 Mulvey Ave. East and another surplus fire hall on 1710 Grosvenor Ave.

The offer on the Berry Street property is for $257,000 and was made by the Mellon Medical Corporation. A report to the city's committee on planning, property and development says Mellon Medical intends to develop the century old fire station on the land into a single or multi-family residence.

The offer on the Mulvey land is for $1 million from Timberland Properties. The company proposes to build a 12-story, 68-unit apartment building on the land. There are several conditions attached to the purchase being completes, including zoning and a geotechnical study of the land.

The offer on the Grosvenor Avenue property is for $429,000 and was made by a numbered company. The city lists Mr. Ryan Skrabyk as the director of the company. If the sale is approved, Skrabyk is proposing to redevelop the fire station on the property into a daycare facility.

The sale of the three properties is subject to approval by the city's committee on planning, property and development committee.