The City of Winnipeg is looking at a new system for ticketing landlords who don’t cut the grass often enough or keep tenants’ suites warm.

City council is discussing what infractions would fall under a proposed ticket system for bylaw infractions.

The talks stem from a motion made by Councillor Harvey Smith on Feb. 27. Smith said he wants the city to implement a ticket system for landlords who don’t properly heat their units.

He said the current system forces tenants to report the infraction and wait months or weeks until they eventually end up in court.

Under the new system, landlords would be ticketed immediately.

Now, city councillors are looking at what would be included in the new ticketing system.

They’re discussing everything from grass-length to overflowing garbage.

Winnipeg’s bylaw enforcement manager, Peter DeGraaf, said the ticket idea would help.

"We could issue more, you know, fines every day if we had to," said DeGraaf.

"What we have found with a certain percentage, maybe it’s five per cent in the neighbourhood livability bylaw, is when we do issue tickets, it corrects behavior."