Winnipeg city councillors aren’t taking no for an answer when it comes to clearing at least some semi-truck traffic from Provencher Boulevard.​

Residents and business owners have been pulling for the big vehicles to be banned from the historic St. Boniface street and popular tourist spot, but a new city report says the impact of banning trucks from the route would be too significant.


The war over whether semi-trucks should be allowed to travel on Provencher Boulevard was alive and well at city hall on Tuesday. ((CBC))

Andre Clement lives on Provencher and owns a business on the street. He said the nearby Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the character of the street make it worth banning big rigs.

“The culmination of all those factors makes a postcard-perfect setting. Now, there is one hitch,” he said. “600 large trucks pass down Provencher every day, creating noise, dust and making our buildings shake.”

But local trucking associations say they need the route.

“Provencher Boulevard is a truck route. It meets all the criteria for a truck route, and it’s needed as a truck route,” said Terry Shaw, the manager of the Manitoba Trucking Association.

A new city report has found Shaw is right – the report said banning trucks from the street would increase congestion elsewhere and potentially create a precedent of neighbourhoods demanding trucks be rerouted.

But city council isn’t accepting that as a final answer. It's asked for another report to examine if a seasonal ban or imposing restricted truck use could be a possible solution in the area.