Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz said the city likely could have done a better job of clearing snow, getting rid of icy, rutted streets.

“We have a policy. And our policy is supposed to be [clean the roads] down to bare pavement," he said in an interview Thursday morning with CBC Information Radio host Marcy Markusa.

Bad roads

The City of Winnipeg has received so many complaints about poor snow clearing that it is sending plows out again to many streets. (CBC)

"That obviously was not the case which is why we should have been doing better.

At the same time, the prolonged and extreme cold, combined with the heavy snowfalls, created a new reality, Katz added.

“The equipment doesn't function at 100 per cent in –50. Human beings such as you and I don't function at 100 per cent, which means everything is taking longer,” he said.

Chris Lorenc, the president of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association, told CBC News on Wednesday that equipment was breaking down and fuel lines were freezing up during the cold snap.

The city has received so many complaints about the poor conditions of the roads that it is sending plows back out to do the jobs again on major roads and the other streets that were missed.

A city spokesperson said there have been 12,330 calls complaining about the roads or questioning parking bans between Dec. 28 and Jan. 8.