The City of Winnipeg has identified the first round of streets to be repaired using funds from a recent property tax hike.

Stretches of Sutherland, Leila and Magnus avenues are all scheduled to be repaired this year.

The funds to fix them come from the city’s recent one per cent property tax hike that is going directly to a local street renewal fund.

The fund, which was announced in last week's capital budget, will see the city’s street renewal budget increase by 66 per cent this year. The budget is increasing from $21.65 million in 2012 to $35.86 million in 2013.

The cash will go to repair streets, back lanes and sidewalks.

The city’s public works department consulted with councillors to identify streets and areas in need of renewal.

The process saw Sutherland from Higgins Avenue to Stephens Street in Coun. Ross Eadie’s ward, Mynarski, selected for repairs.

"The reason why I know where the worst are is just travelling around," said Eadie. "You get phone calls from people who live in various neighbourhoods."

City officials estimate about 20 per cent of Winnipeg’s streets are in poor condition and need major repairs while about 16 per cent of back lanes are similarly damaged.

Officials hope to improve 10 kilometres of two-lane streets and 20 kilometres of sidewalks in the city.

2012 pavement ratings report

You can check out the condition of your street in this document, provided by the City of Winnipeg: