A group of Winnipeg students got an out-of-this-world opportunity on Wednesday.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield beamed in from space to talk to students at Chief Peguis High.

Hadfield is currently on board the International Space Station, representing the Canadian Space Agency.

Students got to ask Hadfield questions about what he did for the agency.


Astronaut Chris Hadfield speaks to students at Chief Peguis High in Winnipeg over radio contact from space on Wednesday. (Angela Johnston/CBC)

When asked what type of research he’s involved in, Hadfield told students, "Everything from studying how my body changes to collecting dark matter from the universe."

Hadfield said he runs some of the experiments, fixes equipment and maintains the lab.

"We just have to keep some of the machines running, and it does the experiment for us. So we’re sort of like lab technicians," he told students.

Hadfield spoke with the students in person in 2011 as part of a four-day tour through the Prairies prior to his boarding the space station.

The school was the only Manitoba stop on his tour, and the students were the only ones in the province to get a chance to speak to Hadfield directly.

Hadfield has made headlines recently for doing an outerspace duet with the Barenaked Ladies, and even having a twitter conversation with William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on Star Trek.

The astronaut is the International Space Station's first-ever Canadian commander, and he has previously said one of his goals is to inspire young Canadians.

Hadfield headed into space about two months ago, and has maintained an active Twitter account despite orbiting Earth 16 times a day. He even tweeted photos of Winnipeg from space.

Hadfield is expected to return to earth when his mission ends in May and may even make a stop at Chief Peguis High in the fall.