Winnipeg's frozen pipes crisis has a local business owner fearing the freeze-up may affect her sales as she prepares for a busy holiday. 

Constance Menzies, who owns Chocolatier Constance Popp in Saint Boniface, said her shop has been without water for over a week.

It is one of 1,334 addresses on the city's waiting list to have its pipes thawed. The city said two properties were added to the list Saturday.

chocolate frozen pipes

Constance Menzies shows the chocolate enrobing tray she can't use until water is restored to her artisanal chocolate shop, Constance Popp Chocolatier. (Katie Nicholson/CBC)

Menzies has had to rely on jugs of water provided by Winnipeg firefighters to make her artisan chocolates. 

"I said to the Winnipeg Fire Department. 'Thank you for the water. Now we don't have to cancel Easter,'" she said.

But she has stopped making some of her products, because there just isn't enough water. 

"We can get by ... for a little while, but we still can't use our enrobing machines," she said Saturday. "There's a lot of things we're not able to make right now, because you need a lot of water for it."

Menzies said she can still make solid chocolates using a cast or mold, but she can't 'enrobe,' covering nuts or candy with dark or light chocolate because the enrobing machine needs to be cleaned with high-pressure hot water, something that's just not available in her shop now.

She said she's been boiling the jugged water brought in, and she's got the stamp of approval from health inspectors for her short-term fixes. 

chocolates frozen pipes

Chocolatier Constance Popp put out this plea on Facebook. The water pipes in her Saint Boniface shop have been frozen for a week. (Facebook)

What's got her really worried is Easter, just a few weeks away. It's one of her busiest times of the year. 

"Are we going to be in this situation weeks from now?" she said. "We can absorb and we can get by with not making certain things for maybe another week. But we're really going to start to see things two or three weeks from now."

CBC Meteorologist John Sauder said the cold is going to stick around. He said the normal high for this time of year is 1C, maybe even 2C for Sunday. But we're not going to get anywhere close to that.

Sauder called for a high of - 13 Saturday and - 10 Sunday. 

The beginning of next week isn't much better, he said. Monday should see a high of - 9, Tuesday - 7. 

He said though, "There's a hint in the long range models that we'll be back to spring-like weather by next weekend."

Many Winnipeggers are resigned to it. 

Paul Vallee, out for a run Saturday along the Red River, said he wears layers, upon layers, upon other layers. 

"I've got a layer here for wind protection, my garbage mitts on, I've got about three layers under this, and wind protection and a balaclava and it's March 22nd," he said. 

But even he admits, the relentless cold may be getting to him.

"There's a couple of days, you get into the car and [think] 'Is this ever going to end? [If] it's - 40, it's - 40," he said.