Winnipeg parents are about half-way through a chilly, snowy spring break, and some are coming up with creative ways to keep their kids busy.

“It’s April 2. We should be having a little bit of sight that spring’s here but nothing yet,” said mom and aunt Anne Thorimbert.

Festival of Fools

Charlie Thorimbert holds up a balloon puppy with her mother, Anne, at the Festival of Fools at the Forks Market in Winnipeg on April 2. (Meagan Fiddler/CBC)

There are a few options for indoor fun, including the Winnipeg International Children’s Festival’s Festival of Fools and year-round stops like Lasertopia.

“We do circus workshops, we do trapeze workshops on the weekend,” said Neal Rempel, the executive producer of the festival. “[We have] lots of goofy jugglers, comedians, a guy who does some strange thing where he climbs inside of a bubble.”

The festival is free, and Thorimbert’s niece was delighted by a balloon animal made just for her.

Slightly older children, though, are a bit frustrated with Mother Nature.

“We have a pond right by our house, so we usually go shovel some stuff there and play, but it’s been too cold so we can’t really do that,” said 12-year-old Ryder Anthony.

Parent Darcy Meville said he’s been forced to come up with new solutions for his two children, Emily and Hunter.

“[We] went to Polo Park, did the waterslide thing. Today, we thought we’d get out and do the laser tag thing. Tomorrow we’re going to Sky Zone!” said Meville.

Apparently, Meville isn’t the only one being creative.

Lasertopia’s Dan Hammond said business is booming.

“This is our first go-round with spring break because we just opened in July,” said Hammond. “We weren’t sure what to expect, but it’s been non-stop.”

And parents will have to be creative for at least another day. The forecast calls for flurries on Thursday.