A Winnipeg-based group that fights child sexual exploitation has teamed up with Air Canada to stop child sex tourism.

Beyond Borders and the Air Canada Foundation have produced three videos urging people to help protect children from sexual exploitation.

The videos will play for Air Canada passengers through the in-flight entertainment system.

Fighting child exploitation

View the three in-flight videos here

Each one depicts a child with a bar code on their body. A laser scanner passes over  the  bar  code, prompting messages such as, “exploited  by  a  sex  tourist,” followed  by words  on  the  screen  that  say,  “kids  are  not  commodities. Help  stop  child  sex  tourism.”

The United Nations estimates 150 million girls and 73 million boys under 18 years of age experience sexual exploitation or other forms of sexual violence with millions more likely exploited through prostitution and the creation and distribution of child pornography, according to Beyond Borders.

“The  sexual  exploitation  of  children  is  pervasive  and  with  an  increasingly  global  economy  and unprecedented mobility aided by digital technology, there has never been a greater need for global cooperation to end this blatant human rights violation," said Beyond Borders president Roz Prober.

"There are no borders when it comes to this crime, which is why we need industries such as travel and tourism to take a lead role  here.”

The ads began being shown on Air Canada flights at the start of February.

"A  significant  barrier  to  putting  an  end  to  the  sexual  victimization  of  children  is  silence  and ignorance,”  Prober said. “The  impact  of a corporation with Air Canada's profile speaking  out  on  this  issue  can’t  be  underestimated."