Child Find Manitoba worried about Alta. magazine

Child Find Manitoba worries its reputation is being hurt by an Alberta magazine.

Child Find Manitoba worries its reputation is being hurt by an Alberta magazine.

Child Find Newsmagazine isn't published by the non-profit Manitoba group that helps find missing children. The magazine is produced by Cedar Publishing Corp. in Edmonton.

Advertisers contacted by CBC News say they were led to believe revenue from their ads would be going to help the Manitoba non-profit group.

Christy Dzikowicz, who is with Child Find Manitoba, said she has had many complaints from advertisers concerned not only with the content of the magazine, but its aggressive methods of collecting ad revenue.

Some advertisers have complained about receiving invoices from Cedar Publishing, even when there was no agreement in place to advertise in the magazine.

When she started looking for advertisers for Child Find Manitoba's magazine, SAFE, Dzikowicz was met with hostility from advertisers who had dealt with Cedar.

"What's frightening to me about this really is if there's any kind of perception in the public that this is associated with any … credible missing children's organization, whether it be Child Find Manitoba or any of our partners across the country," she said.

Dzikowicz says families of missing children are also upset.

"They feel very upset by it, you know, that there are individuals out there who appear to be profiting off of the pain and anguish of these families," she said.

The latest Manitoba publication from Cedar Publishing, Missing Kids Newsmagazine, is also not affiliated with Child Find Manitoba.

CBC News contacted Cedar Publishing, but the owner refused comment.

On its website, Cedar Publishing describes itself is an independent publishing agency, established in 1999, that specializes in the creation, production and placement of custom print-media publications for non-profit organizations and professional associations.

It's not the first time the company has had issues with non-profits. Last December, the Edmonton Police Service put out a statement saying it was not affiliated with Cedar Publication's Crimestoppers Magazine.