Chic Gamine plays rare show in Winnipeg

Chic Gamine is a Winnipeg band known for it's beautiful vocals but the group rarely gets to perform in Winnipeg. They will play at Union Sound Hall on Saturday November 23.
Chic Gamine are looking forward to doing a show in Winnipeg at the Union Sound Hall on November 23 and recording their next album in Winnipeg. (Artist website)

Chic Gamine is known for its beautiful vocals but the group rarely gets to perform in their home town of Winnipeg. They will play at Union Sound Hall on Saturday November 23.

According to singer Andrina Turenne, it's not intentional that the group rarely plays in their hometown. "We are based both in Winnipeg and in Montreal and most of the touring we've been doing has been in the States," she explained. "We end up meeting at our home base, get ready to go and then hit the road."

Still, they love playing close to home. They appeared at the Harvest Moon Festival in September. "Just to see all of these faces that you know and that you be playing for your hometown crowd...that show was one of my favourite shows to date, with the moon above, and this beautiful warm, loving crowd," she recalled. "You carry that everywhere else you go."

Naturally the band members have changed a bit over the years. "We all go through life pretty much as a family and so we talk about everything," she explained. "We're very connected in each other's lives and this has deepened over the years."

When asked how they keep things fresh, Turenne doesn't hesitate. "By pushing the boundaries," she said. "By giving ourselves new challenges, we stay interested and passionate and motivated."

Chic Gamine is recording their next full length album for the first time in Winnipeg. "It's about time," Turenne stated. "Both of the other records were made in Montreal and that made sense because our drummer lives there so his equipment is located there. Now we are able to do it here so that's what we're going to do."

Before then though they are embarking on their first European tour, including England and Ireland.

Hear Chic Gamine along with the Reverend Rambler at the Union Sound Hall on Saturday November 23 at 10 p.m.


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