A Winnipeg billboard saying, "Green is the new Blue" has some Blue Bombers fans seeing red.

The adversarial message, paid for by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, is now up in the city's Transcona neighbourhood.

It's all in good fun, says Gregg Sauter, the Roughriders' vice-president of marketing.

The team purchased similar billboards in five different cities across the country, he said.

"We put out some billboards just to give a shout out to our fans and kind of raise the conversation, and create some awareness around the Riders coming to town and once again just show an appreciation and recognition to our fans around the country," Sauter told CBC News on Tuesday.

brianne punk

Model Brianne Punk had fun posing for a billboard campaign for the Roughriders. (CBC)

Sauter claimed the billboards are meant to promote the fact the Riders are coming to town, not to humiliate the Bombers or their fans.

The Bombers will be in Regina on Sunday for the Labour Day Classic, while the Roughriders will come to Winnipeg on Sept. 7 for the annual Banjo Bowl matchup.

The Roughriders' billboards prompted the B.C. Lions to guarantee a win at home this past Sunday, or else all fans in attendance would get a free ticket to a future game.

Unfortunately for the Lions, the Riders won that game 20-16.

Billboard model had fun

Brianne Punk, the Regina-based model who posed for the billboard campaign, told CBC News she is also a keen fan of the Roughriders and enjoys being a part of the club's promotion.

"I think it's fun," Punk said, but quickly added that she takes no credit for how people are reacting to the ads.

"I was just hired to do the job. But it's definitely been fun."

Police in Winnipeg took to Twitter late Tuesday afternoon with their own fun response to the Roughriders billboard.