A Winnipeg woman is no longer facing charges of manslaughter, conspiracy and arson in a deadly fire that killed a New Brunswick man.

Suzanne Eckstein, who is 47, has pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of possession of an explosive substance — gasoline.

Eckstein was charged in a June 2008 Winnipeg house fire that killed 19-year-old Kenneth Dunn, who was visiting from the Campbellton area of New Brunswick.

Eckstein was accused of being part of a plan, along with Dunn, to burn down the house for insurance money.

Her lawyer, Martin Glazer, says Eckstein was never part of any plan and was not even at the house when the fire was set.


Kenneth Dunn, 19, received severe burns in the fire at this Winnipeg home and later died in hospital. ((CBC))

Glazer says he and the Crown have agreed they will recommend 12 months of house arrest at Eckstein's sentencing hearing next month.

"She did not have anything to do with the fire, or with setting the fire, or with causing the death of Kenneth Dunn," Glazer said Monday.

"Basically, she pled guilty to possession of an explosive substance because there were some jerry cans of gasoline left outside the residence."

At the time of the fire, Dunn was visiting his uncle, who was living with Eckstein in the home that burned down.