Lawyers presented their closing arguments on Tuesday in the trial of two men accused of killing Chad Davis, whose body was found in a barrel floating in a river outside Winnipeg in 2008.

Chad Davis

The remains of Chad Davis, 22, were discovered inside a barrel that had been floating near the shoreline of the Lee River in July 2008. (Police handout)

Kristopher Brincheski and Corey Tymchyshyn are on trial in the death of Davis, 22, whose remains were found in the Lee River near Lac du Bonnet, Man.

Davis had been reported missing nearly six months earlier after being last seen on Prince Rupert Avenue in Winnipeg's East Kildonan area.

Brincheski and Tymchyshyn are facing first-degree murder charges in Davis's death.

Both men admit that they disposed of Davis's body together, but they are blaming his death on each other.

During the trial, which began last month, jurors heard that Davis was a cocaine dealer who was trying to collect a $10,000 debt from Tymchyshyn.

The court also heard that Tymchyshyn had threatened another man, with whom he was running a grow-op, by saying the last man who messed up ended up in a barrel.

Tymchyshyn's lawyer, Roberta Campbell, told the court on Tuesday that her client may have uttered threats against people in the past, but they are all alive. 

Campbell said Tymchyshyn only became involved in disposing of Davis's body after he came back to his garage and found Davis dead and Brincheski in tears.

But Gerri Wiebe, Brincheski's lawyer, argued that Tymchyshyn is trying to manipulate jurors like he tried to manipulate her client into helping him get rid of Davis's body.

Tymchyshyn would start off by being charming, but then become threatening before he gets violent, Wiebe told the court.

Wiebe argued that Tymchyshyn alone was responsible for killing Davis and urged the jury not to be manipulated. 

"He will do anything to get what he wants," said Wiebe.

She told the jury Brincheski arrived at Tymchyshyn's garage to find Davis dead, with a hammer and hair laying next to his head — the man laying in a pool of blood.

At times, Tymchyshyn rolled his eyes while Wiebe and attorneys for the Crown, spoke.

Crown presents closing arguments

While defence lawyers pointed fingers at each other’s clients, the Crown placed the blame squarely at both Brincheski and Tymchyshyn’s feet.

Crown attorney Keith Eyrikson said the pair together planned to murder Chad Davis, with Tymchyshyn luring the 22-year-old man to his garage while Brincheski waited inside with a hammer.

Eyrikson told the jury both stood to benefit because their drug debts to Davis would be clear, they would be flush with cocaine and they could take Davis’s belongings.

The Crown also presented a timeline of phone calls and texts that Eyrikson says prove the plan and the execution.

The jury will begin deliberating on Thursday.