Some Transcona residents are opposing the City of Winnipeg's plans to rezone a parcel of land to allow a cement batch plant to be built there.

The city wants to rezone lots on Valde Avenue, near Gunn Road and Day Street, as heavy manufacturing lots to make way for the proposed cement plant.

Kim Poitras

Kim Poitras is circulating a petition opposing the cement plant proposal along the Transcona Trail. (CBC)

The site in question sits along the Transcona Trail, a recreational path that residents say is being used a lot.

"It's non-stop traffic. People have changed their lifestyle; they've got somewhere to go. They can bike, rollerblade, walk, run," said Kim Poitras, who is circulating a petition opposing the cement plant proposal.

Poitras said the cement plant would produce a lot of dust, noise and traffic, which would pose a risk to those living near the site.

The plant would also be adjacent to the Transcona Community Bioreserve, a former industrial plant site that has been cleaned up and converted to a naturalized park.

"They spent a lot of money on the trail and the bioreserve," said Emil Kowalski, who signed the petition.

"They get everything all nice, and then they put a cement plant beside it. It doesn't make sense. You got to give your head a shake."

Poitras argued that there is plenty of non-residential land nearby for a cement batch plant.

"There is also two cement plants already in that area, so it's a perfect spot for this type of industry," she added.

Poitras is holding a community open house on Oct. 8 at the Oxford Heights Community Club, in advance of a public hearing at city hall on Oct. 15.