For his first full-length CD, Winnipeg musician Matthew Carter took on the task of documenting the end of an important relationship.

Carter released his album in November. It's called From South Furby. That's where he was living when he was going through a significant breakup.

"I was engaged and decided this wasn't the right step for me to be taking," he explained.

"I had really lost track of a lot of the things that I was passionate about in this relationship. I felt like I was starting to bend who I was…. I decided that was not how I wanted to continue living."

So Carter left his apartment and moved into a large home on south Furby Street, in the West Broadway area, with five other people.

"That's when this album really was born," he recalled. "The support of these people was immense…. They helped me grow into the person I am today."

"60 Furby was this house of healing for so many people in my life," he added. "When I moved out of there, that's when I decided that was a really important moment for me and it needed to be documented."

The 11-track CD is chronological. Carter says he wrote the first track, World of Colour, when he was still in the relationship.

"It's when I opened my eyes to this world of colour, this world that could be what I loved to be," he said. "I could finally be who I wanted to be at the end of the day."

Carter is thankful for everyone in his life who helped him go through all the changes he went through and gave him the space he needed to figure things out. In fact, his last song on the CD is entitled Thank You.

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