Canadian border officers in Winnipeg made almost 350 contraband and drug seizures last year, with items ranging from prohibited weapons marked as "cutlery" to a substance that officials say is used in date-rape drugs.

Those details are among the highlights that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) released from its Winnipeg airport, commercial and inland operations in 2015.

The CBSA says more than 300 contraband seizures were made last year, including 151 prohibited weapons and firearms.

In August, officers intercepted an Alberta-bound shipment that was declared as "cutlery" but actually contained 30 five-pointed shurikens and five knives with push-dagger handles, according to the agency.

Officers in Winnipeg also made 41 narcotics seizures in 2015, including one shipment from China containing two litres of a substance known as GBL.

"GBL is a controlled substance in Canada and the precursor drug used in the manufacturing of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, one of the substances used as a 'date rape drug,'" the CBSA said in a news release Monday.

"The importer was arrested by the Winnipeg Police Service with the assistance of the CBSA."

The CBSA said its officers and Winnipeg police were involved in arresting an American man who was wanted for allegedly possessing and "pandering" child pornography in 2015.

The agency added that a 43-year-old Winnipeg man was fined over $19,500 in August for his role in helping up to 42 permanent residents provide false information to Canadian immigration officials, while another Winnipeg man was handed a community jail term of two years less a day for his role in a multimillion-dollar "cross-Canada steroid smuggling and redistribution operation."

Steroids seized in Winnipeg - CBSA photo

This seizure of steroids resulted in a Winnipeg man receiving a two-year community jail sentence in November 2015, according to the CBSA. (Canada Border Services Agency)

The CBSA says its officers at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport welcomed more than 320,000 travellers on over 5,480 international flights last year, according to the agency.

As well, 249 permanent resident landings were recorded that year, along with 1,079 work permits and 323 study permits.