CBC soars in radio ratings in Winnipeg

CBC radio is rapidly climbing the ratings list in Winnipeg.
Marcy Markusa, CBC Information Radio host, is all smiles with the latest BBM ratings. (Darren Bernhardt/CBC)

CBC radio is rapidly climbing the ratings chart in Winnipeg.

The public broadcaster has closed in on long-time leader, CJOB, according to the latest ratings book released Thursday by BBM Canada.

The 70-year-old Bureau of Broadcast Measurement is the the main provider of ratings services for radio and TV in Canada.

John Bertrand, managing director of the CBC Prairie-North Region, said this is the closest CBC radio has ever been to its goal of sitting in top spot in Winnipeg.

He believes it's only a matter of time before it is the No. 1 rated station in the city.

"Very, very exciting, I think, for everybody who works so hard at CBC in Manitoba to do the kind of shows and news and broadcasting that really matters to so many people,” he said.

“This is a wonderful sense of endorsement."

Spring 2014 radio ratings in Winnipeg
StationSpring 2014 ratings share (fall 2013)
68 CJOB 12 (12.8)
CBC Radio 99011.7 (10.6)
QX 1049.1 (9.8)
92 CITI 7.9 (8)
Virgin 103 7 (7.2)
Bob 99.96.8 (7.3)
102.3 Clear6.5 (5.7)
FAB 94.35.5 (7)
Energy 1064.3 (3.8)
Power 974.2 (3.6)
CBC Radio 23.5 (3)
TSN 12903.5 (2)
Fresh 99.12 (2.2)
Jewel 1011.2 (1.8)
Espace Musique0.5 (0.1)