A Winnipeg cat is lucky to be alive after crawling under a hood of a car and turning up at a local garage much to the surprise of several employees.

The car was brought into Winnipeg SuperLube to be serviced, but when a technician lifted the hood of the car, out popped a motor-oil-soaked cat.


Garfield gets a bath at the Winnipeg Humane Society. Motor oil had to be scrubbed from his fur after he stowed away under a car's hood.

SuperLube manager John Meadows said cats turning up under car hoods isn’t that strange — but they rarely make their way to the garage.

“It happens, even in the city,” he said. “They get cold. They feel something warm, and they go and crawl into it. You go home, and guess what? You’ve got a new cat.”

No one knew who the cat belonged to, so one of the employees called the Winnipeg Humane Society.

There, staff cleaned up the kitty, gave him a new name and are now nursing him back to health.

Once Garfield has been given a clean bill of health, he’ll be put up for adoption.