Talk about a daring escape! A cat scrambled out of a burning hotel in Dauphin, Man., as the building crashed to the ground.

Cat survives hotel collapse

See if you can spot the black-and-white cat perched on a window frame as the Towers Hotel starts collapsing to the ground. (David Katcsma)

Witness David Katcsma captured the feline's escape from the Towers Hotel as it was being demolished on Thursday.

The fire started at around 3 a.m. CT, engulfing the entire hotel. What remained of the charred structure was pulled down by 12:30 p.m.

As the building started to come down, the black-and-white cat was seen perched on a window frame, on the left-hand side of the attached video. 

See what happened next by clicking on the video player.

Cat escapes from hotel

The kitty emerged from the smoking wreckage a little damp and anxious, but it seemed otherwise unscathed. (David Katcsma)